Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Harris Teeter thru 2/15

make sure if you are not already and E-Vic member you sign up here
You will get weekly email, and automatically enter into the weekly grocery drawing, also you will be able to the e-vic coupons.  E-Viv coupons are linked directly to your vic card and you can still use your manufactures coupons.  Double savings, gotta love that.
This weeks E-Vic specials
Cottenelle 12 Pack Big Roll $5.47   use .50 Q  final price $4.57
DiGiorno Pizza $3.77   No Q I searched
Frosted Mini Wheats   $1.97  use $1 off 2  makes them $1.74 each  (second box is $2.50)
                                             or try to use .70 off Special K multi grain oat and honey  cost would be .57
                                              (using the .70 Q depends on your HT, I will use it at mine)
Pespi 12 pack  $2.77 limit 2
Yoplait Yogurt  10 for $4  use .40 off 6 Q makes the .25 each
                                        or use .50 off 8  Q makes them .29 each

Just good deals
Betty Croker Super moist cake mix .99
Betty Crocker Frosting  $1.59   Buy both and use .75 Q   makes it $1.08 for both
Kens 16 oz salad dressing  B1G1 Free  $1.69 Use $1 off 2 makes them $1.29 each
                                                                      or use the $1 off kens marinade  it will be .69
Ester C $4.49   use $2   cost is then $2.29
Colgate Total  2 for $5  use .75Q    makes it $1
Crest Pro Health $2.99  use .75 Q makes it $1.49
Gillette Deoderant  $3.49  B1G1 Free Q  makes them $1.75 each
Speed Stick $1.99  use .50Q  makes the price .99
Mitchum Deoderant $2.99   use .75Q makes the price $1.49

If you have the new P&G coupon book "Everyday Saving"  Use these
Always and Tampax  $2.99   $1 Q  Cost $1.99
Herbal Essence  2 for $5  $1 off 2 cost $1.50 each

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