Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Riteaid Freebies

Make sure you have a Wellness card, just like your grocery card
Most of these are SCR (single check rebates)  so go to and sign up, super easy

Sucrets    $2.99    SCR $2.99   FREE
Pediacare gentle vapors plug in   $6.99   SCR $6.99  FREE
Comtrex   $3.99   SCR $3.99   FREE
Kids Eeze Cough and cold and Allergy  $4.99  SCR $4.99   FREE
Pediacre cough and cold  $4.99    SCR $4.99   FREE
Blistex     $1.99    SCR $1.99   FREE
Palmers Lip Balm    $1.99   SCR $1.99  FREE
Coke 12 packs   3 fo $9  $1+Up   Like 3 for $8
Gain dish soap   .89   $1 Q from 10/10
Dial/ Tone Body wash  $2.99   $1+Up   

Go to and sign up for video values print $5 off $25 and this lit becomes a money maker

Thursday, October 7, 2010

$10 off Beauty and the Beast

Go here to print your $10 off coupon for Beauty and the Beast
you will have to register, then go to promotions and special offers and print your coupon.

Free Return Address Labels

Check out Vista Print and get return address labels FREE.  Great time to take advatage if you send out holiday cards.  Go here

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