Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons

Here are some great deals
B1G1= buy 1 get 1 free
SDQ= super double coupon
FC= final cost

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn B1G1 $1.57  $1 SDQ   FC-FREE
Danimals 2 for $4     $1 SDQ   FC-FREE
McCormick recipe Inspirations  $1.99   $1 SDQ  FC-FREE
Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach  $1.89  $1 SDQ  FC-FREE
Kens Salad Dressing  $1.99  $1/2 SDQ  FC- .99 each
                                 or use $1 off marinade FC- FREE
Smart balance Milk $3   $1.50 SDQ   FC-FREE
Hefty Gripper garbage Bags   E-vic $3.97   .55Q FC- $2.87
Birdseye Steamfresh  B1G1 $1.32   $1/3 SDQ   FC- .66 each
Progresso Soup  B1G1  $1.29   $1/4 SDQ   FC-.89 each
Butterball bacon  2/$5  .55Q  FC- $1.40
Wisk Laudry Detergent  $3.99     $1 SDQ   FC- $1.99
Pringles   $1.95   $1/2 SDQ   FC- .95 each
Classico pasta Sauce  $1.67   $1/2 SDQ  FC- .67 each
Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner  B1G1  $1.49  $1/2 SDQ   FC- .49
Coffee Mate liquid creamer $1.67  $1/2 SDQ   FC- .67 each
Kraft shredded Cheese $2   $1/2 SDQ   FC- $1 each
Emerald Dry Roasted Peanuts  $2.57   $1 SDQ    FC- .57
Riceworks Chips  B1G1  $1.69   $1/2 SDQ   FC- .86 each
Gillette Satin care shave gel  $2.49   $1 SDQ  FC -.49
people Magazine  $3.99    $1 SDQ   FC- $1.99

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Harris Teeter thru 2/15

make sure if you are not already and E-Vic member you sign up here
You will get weekly email, and automatically enter into the weekly grocery drawing, also you will be able to the e-vic coupons.  E-Viv coupons are linked directly to your vic card and you can still use your manufactures coupons.  Double savings, gotta love that.
This weeks E-Vic specials
Cottenelle 12 Pack Big Roll $5.47   use .50 Q  final price $4.57
DiGiorno Pizza $3.77   No Q I searched
Frosted Mini Wheats   $1.97  use $1 off 2  makes them $1.74 each  (second box is $2.50)
                                             or try to use .70 off Special K multi grain oat and honey  cost would be .57
                                              (using the .70 Q depends on your HT, I will use it at mine)
Pespi 12 pack  $2.77 limit 2
Yoplait Yogurt  10 for $4  use .40 off 6 Q makes the .25 each
                                        or use .50 off 8  Q makes them .29 each

Just good deals
Betty Croker Super moist cake mix .99
Betty Crocker Frosting  $1.59   Buy both and use .75 Q   makes it $1.08 for both
Kens 16 oz salad dressing  B1G1 Free  $1.69 Use $1 off 2 makes them $1.29 each
                                                                      or use the $1 off kens marinade  it will be .69
Ester C $4.49   use $2   cost is then $2.29
Colgate Total  2 for $5  use .75Q    makes it $1
Crest Pro Health $2.99  use .75 Q makes it $1.49
Gillette Deoderant  $3.49  B1G1 Free Q  makes them $1.75 each
Speed Stick $1.99  use .50Q  makes the price .99
Mitchum Deoderant $2.99   use .75Q makes the price $1.49

If you have the new P&G coupon book "Everyday Saving"  Use these
Always and Tampax  $2.99   $1 Q  Cost $1.99
Herbal Essence  2 for $5  $1 off 2 cost $1.50 each

Riteaid Weekending 2/12

It is cold season and now is the time to stock up on meds at Riteaid.
Log into Rite Aid Video Values and watch 16 beauty videos and get a $4 off $20 purchase, videos are short.   You can also watch a wellness video to print and extra $1 off
Here are the deals
Childrens Chestal Honey Homeopathic Cough Syrup   $4.99
 $3 off Printable,Get $4 in SCR  (single check rebate)
$2 moneymaker
Chestal Cough W Honey Adult  $6.99
$1 Printable, $6 SCR
Halls Cough Drops  2 for $2
Manuf Coupon  $1 off 2,  .50 VV (video value couon)
.25 each
Coldcalm Childrens Cold Relief  $6.99
$6.99 SCR
Coldcalm Adult Cold Releif  $5.99
$5.99 SCR
Revitalens Disinfecting Multi purpose solution  $4.99
$4.99 SCR
Excedrin PM $1.99
$2.50 Manuf Coupon
Fineese Shampoo and Conditioner  2 for $6
$5 when you buy 2 +UP
.50 each
Halls Buy 2 $2.00
Excedrin $1.99
Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner $6
Childrens Chestal Cough $4.99
Chestal Cough adult  $6.99
Total $21.97
Use all Suggested Coupons Above $7.50
Plus $4 off Beauty Bonus from VV
Plus Extra $1 off from VV
Total Out of Pocket $9.47
You will have $5 in +up for your next purchase
and you will get $10 back in SCR
You just made $5.53
That is creative Couponing

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need a Coupon Organizer?

Head on over to Twelve O Nine and check out what we have.
If you are interested in a pretty Coupon Binder send an email at and that can be custom made, we don't have one listed yet.
Also, check out our facebook page and like us.
You can also send us an email with your name and join our mailing list to stay up to date on new products and be the first to know about any current coupon promotions going on.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Here are just a few great deals at the Teeter this week.  I will post more on Friday

Angel Soft  $4.99  Get $1 Printable and it will double to $2
        Final Cost $2.99
Bayer Low Dose $1.99  Get $1.50 Printable
       Final Cost FREE
Felipo Berio  $4.97   Get a $1 Printable
      Final Cost $2.97
Electrosol Dishwasher $2.74     Sunday Paper Q $1
     Final Cost $.74
Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer $1.67   Sunday Paper Q $.55
     Final Cost $.57

Monday, December 27, 2010

Follow these steps and save at Riteaid

1- Sign up for a Wellness card.  Either online or in the store.
2- go to Riteaid Video Values at Adperk and sign up 
    Scan through the vidoes you want a coupon for.  This month watch beauty videos and earn 15 credits for
    a $4 off $20 purchase
3- go to Riteaid single check rebates and sign up.  look through the list of possible rebates you might use and print the list out.
4- read the weekly add check the sales and use your VV (video values) and SCR (single check rebates) to get the best deals.

SCR rebates may seem like a lot of work but it is not.  After you shop log in and enter your reciept info.  At the end of every month request your rebate.

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