Friday, July 30, 2010

A couple of really good rebates

Olay,spend $50 on Olay product and get a $20 Rebate here

Purchase Neutrogena Clinial get a $15 rebate here


Sign up for a free appetizer are Chili's Here

Better than Ears Dog Treats Here

Get $10 off at Smokey Bones Here

B1G1Free at Baskin Robins Here

Free appetizer at Fox and Hound Here

Free Fries and Drink at Hardee's Here

Free appetizer at outback here

What to do with expired coupons......Don't throw them away!!!

I am involved in a penny pincher message board, surprise surprise, right!!!!! You can send your unused or expired coupons to Military Families overseas through the Overseas Coupon Program!!!!!! Military families stationed overseas don't get the paper and therefore don't get grocery coupons. However, the commisaries will accept manufacturers coupons, up to six months after the expiration date.

This program only applies to press printed coupons (not coupons printed on your home computer, which families can do while overseas) and to national brands (as opposed to local). Here is what you need to do to start your coupon donation program, by yourself, or as part of a group at work, school or at church, etc.

-Collect unused or expired coupons (no more than one or two months expired, as they take time to reach the overseas bases). Clip coupons to their exact size, to reduce the paper weight when shipping.

- Sort coupons by "food" (ie. human food) and "non-foods" (including diapers, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, medications etc.)

-Total the batch of coupons in dollar amount and write that on a piece of paper. This helps the base keep track of how many dollars in coupons they receive.

-Put each pile of coupons into a seperate Ziploc bag and label them "food" and non-food".

-Find a participating military base on the Overseas Coupon Website Here. This list gets updated on a regular basis. Only mail coupons to bases who still accept donations as indicated on that page.

- Mail your coupons through the post office using Parcel Post (cheaper but slower). On the USPS customs form, list the contents as "manufacturers coupons" and the value of the package at "$0.00, and check the "Gift" box. If you have a lot of coupons to send out, it may be best to choose Priority Mail as you can fit as much as you can in a specific envelope for one designated fee.
Courtesy of Perfecting Motherhood

That's it. This is a very simple way to help our troops in a way you may not have heard of before.

I am so excited about this and I look forward to my next coupon purge.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Huggies Coupon

Go here for your $3 coupon on Huggies Diapers.....these don't last long so get it while you can. Print 2 from your computer. Use zip code 90210 if you don't see it

Monday, July 26, 2010

For the Baby Weekending 7/31

Here are deals for baby.....
Lowes Foods (if you have one in your area) This ends Tues the 27th
Pampers Wipes $1.99 Use a $2 Q Final Cost Free

Good Start Formula, there is a Video Value Q for $2 off Good Start and a VV Q for $5 off $25 Combine them for $7 off, and if you have GoodStart giftchecks you can use those on the total
Luvs Family Pak Diapers $16.99 Use a $2 Q Get $2 +Up reward Final Cost $12.99

Pampers 48-96 ct $21.99 Use a $2 Q and get $10 ECB's Final Cost $9.99

Pampers Diapers with Designs (New) $13.99 23 or 26 Ct
Enfamil or Similac Ready to Feed 2 for $11

Huggies Wipes 186-216 ct $8.49 $1 In Ad Q and print $2 off here Final Cost $5.49

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Baby

Huggies Jumbo Packs $8.99 Use $1.50 Q's use 5 if you have them. Also get $2 +Up rewards using your wellness card plus a $2 SCR (limit one for both of these promos. When you buy 5 packs of diapers and enter in for SCR you will get a voucher for a free pack. Also go to sign up for Video values watch the video for Riteaid Pharmacy and Riteaid Wellness and print $5 off $25 coupon for each video.
2 Transactions

2 Jumbo packs Huggies = $17.98 Add $7.02 in filler merchandise to get to $25 here is a suggestion
Crest 3D vivid White toothpaste $2.99
Motrin Pm $5.99 (Watch the Video for Motrin Pm and Print Coupon)= $26.96
use $5 off $25 VV
use 2 $1.50 off Q for Huggies
use $1 Q for Crest toothpaste
use $1 Mfg Q for Motrin Pm $3 Q from Riteaid ad and $1 VV coupon= $12.96
$2 +Up rewards for motrin
$1.50 +Up reward Crest
$2 +Up reward for huggies (can not use this on transaction 2 save for later)
3 Jumbo Packs of huggies $8.99 = $26.97
Use $5 off $25
Use 3 $1.50 Huggies coupons from your sunday papers= $17.47
use your crest and motrin +Up rewards from previous purchase now your total is $13.97

Sign up for SCR (single check rebates) and get a $2 Rebate on the Huggies and a voucher for free huggies for buying 5 packs

Seems like alot but I get the video coupons every month and use them for Formula and diapers
For $26.93 you get 6 packs of Diapers $2 rebate and $2 Up reward, Motrin and Crest.

Back to School

Check out these Great Deals
1" 3 Ring Binder .39
Corner Office Sheet protectors .29
Wooden Ruler .09
Cap erasers .39
8pk Sharpie Markers $3.99
5 Subject Notebook $1.99
Filler Paper $1.49 (this will be better later)
Liquid Paper .59
2 pocket folders .09
One subject notebooks .29
Printworks Multipurpose paper $1.99 (400 sheets)
Colgate toothpaste $3.49 use $1 Q and get $3.49 back in RR moneymaker

Kids scissors and Pencil box .50
10 ct Bic ballpoint pens .60

24 Crayola Crayons .25
Elmers 2 pk Glue sticks .25

Westcott Shatterproof colored ruler .25
Crayola Markers and Colored pencils $1
Bic Mechanical Pencils and Pens $1
Bic 5 pk highlighters $1.50
Avery 1" Binder $1
2 pk Expo Dry Erase Pens $1.50
Trapper Keeper $7.00
Mead Trapper Folders .50
Use your Kmart Rewards Card and save $8 when you spend $25 on Crayola, Mead, Avery, 3m, Expo, Papermate, liquid paper, and Sharpie Save $4 when you spend $15

Office Max
Sharpie Singles .25
Kids Scissors .20
Bic Pens .50
Office Max Glue and glue sticks .25

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Start Getting Ready for Back to School

The deals are coming, check back the beginning of next week for some great deals. Start stocking up early.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Neutrogena Clinical FREE

Go here for the Mail in Rebate up to $40

Some great deals for week ending 7/17

Arizona Canned Beverages .99 B1G1Free Final Cost- .50 each
Advil PM $9.29 B1G1Free use $2 off 1 Q (5/23) use 2 Q's Final Cost- $2.65 each
John Frieda 2 for $10 $2 Q (6/6) use 2 Q's Cost- 2 for $6 AND get $3 ECB when you buy 2 Final Cost- $1.50 each
Got 2 B Hairstyler B1G1Free $1.65 each
Colgate $1.89 .75/1 Q use 2 Q's Final Cost- .20 each
Oral B Pulsar manual toothbrush 2/$5 use 2 Q's $2/1 and B1G1free Final Cost- .25
Complete Multipurpose Solution $7.99 $2 Q Cost $5.99 AND get $7.99 ECB Final Cost Free + $2 money maker
Head and Shoulders $4.99 B1G1Free Q Cost $4.99 for 2 AND get $2 ECB Final Cost-$1.50 each

Soft Soap Liquid Handsoap .99 with In Ad Q limit 3
Good Start Formula $2 off In Ad Q

Infusium 23 Shampoo and Conditioner $3.99 $2Q (7/11) Final Cost $1.99
Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap System B1G1Free $3Q
Crest Extra White plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste $2.69 $2.69 SCR FREE

Schick Hydro Razor $7.99 $4 Q + $4 target Q (6/20) FREE

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gap Arboretum

Last Chance to save an additional 40% off Adult Clearance Merchandise

30% off Full Price Denim (mens and womens)
20% off Womens Sport pants

30% New Arrivals in Baby and Kids (graphic tees, Junkfood Tees, shorts, skirts, dressses, tops and backpacks.)
Uniform Pants and Shorts on promo when you buy 2 or More

Stop into the Gap and take advantage of these awesome deals

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