Friday, February 26, 2010

Target Coupons

you can print Target Coupons from the Target website. Use the drop down on there top bar titled "See More" and you will see "coupons" right on top. Some of the coupons will be for Target and some are manufacturers coupons.

when you use a Target Web Coupon you can stack it with a manufactures coupon. For example there is a Target Web Coupon for Tums 50 cents, there is also a manufactures coupon for Tums $2 off, use them both for $2.50 savings. To make the most of your saving catch the item on sale.

SC Johnson Rebate

This is a $5 Rebate that is valid on purchases from 10/1/09 to 6/30/2010. All you have to do is purchase 3 SC Johnson Products. These products include Ziploc, Glade, Windex, Pledge and several other items. You just need your receipts, (the products do not have to be on the same receipt) and the UPC number from the product and you are on your way. Here is the best part, you can do this rebate 3 times. I have attached the link for the rebate form.

PS....I am psycho and saved my receipts so upon going through my receipts I had enough purchases to send all 3 rebates.

Welcome to my Blog

For all my friends and family. You have all heard me say those famous words "you'll never guess how much I saved", well I want to help you all do the same. Wouldn't you love to go to the grocery store and save more money than you spent? I do it all the time. Wouldn't you love to get a rebate check in the mail for items you are going to buy anyway? I have $45 in rebate checks on their way.

About a year and a half ago I started shopping with coupons and since then I have just learned more and more about saving. My goal is to share it with you, so I hope you like what you read and I hope I can teach you something new.

Twelve O Nine

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