Monday, December 27, 2010

Follow these steps and save at Riteaid

1- Sign up for a Wellness card.  Either online or in the store.
2- go to Riteaid Video Values at Adperk and sign up 
    Scan through the vidoes you want a coupon for.  This month watch beauty videos and earn 15 credits for
    a $4 off $20 purchase
3- go to Riteaid single check rebates and sign up.  look through the list of possible rebates you might use and print the list out.
4- read the weekly add check the sales and use your VV (video values) and SCR (single check rebates) to get the best deals.

SCR rebates may seem like a lot of work but it is not.  After you shop log in and enter your reciept info.  At the end of every month request your rebate.

Twelve O Nine

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